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    Who doesn’t? I mean real food, not “wish-I-was-food” food, but the real thing. I love growing it, cooking it, smelling it, sharing it and discovering it. I have always cooked for friends and family and have met several of my oldest friends at a random shared meal; a start of things to come. I was even lucky enough to have met my husband at a random get-together where I was doing what I love most; cooking, sharing and getting to know someone while lazing about nibbling on the labors of culinary love –the treasure trove of foods our planet has given us.

    It has always been a personal vision to somehow incorporate my passion for food with my love for the environment. Enter…Entomophagy .

    Much to my surprise, several years ago I began circling the corral around “real’ real food. Be it a Paleo lifestyle choice or Entomophagy, there seemed to be truly logical and sustainable concepts brewing in the world of food.

    I think it’s pretty interesting that 25 years ago sushi was absolutely unheard of in the general North American diet. Now, here I am, sitting with my 7 year old who has been ordering her own sushi for at least 5 yrs (6 if you ask her). What I love most about this, is it shows how habits change; not just on an individual level, but on a mass-movement level. One person tried it, then another, and another, and somewhere along the line it became a trend, and trend-y to eat raw fish, or at least to sample it and converse about it.

    Let’s come back to entomophagy.

    What if a healthy protein, a new but “not-so-new protein”, insect protein like cricket powder (cricket flour) could provide delicious, nutritious meals for our families AND dramatically reduce the ecological footprint associated with the inefficiency of meat proteins and the effect it is having on our planet?

    Food has changed so much in my short lifetime; and for the most part, not for the better, I’m sad to say. What we as parents choose to either grow, consume or purchase to feed ourselves and our children is of the utmost importance for the future of our planet and all those great-great-grandbabies down the road.

    It is time for logical and sustainable food choices to take priority over the fast-track plastic food that we as a society have allowed ourselves to consume for too many decades.

    Embrace Entomophagy, Please the Planet

    Here you will find the “first taste” of some of Caryn’s finest gourmet dishes; delicious and nutritious recipes made with insect protein like cricket powder (cricket flour). In aligning with the vision and mission of Entomo Farms, Caryn chooses only the highest quality and most uniquely raised insects.

    Whether you are trying to help the planet, enjoy trying new and delicious food, have a Paleo diet or just want to have some ‘food-fun’, try out these recipes. Impress your friends and family while improving your health and the world around you.

    Bon Appetite!

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