Our obligation is to sustain it, conserve it, perpetuate it — to keep the Earth by doing our best to protect all life systems and life forms.

By 2050 the world’s population will reach over 9 billion and all of us will be hungry. How will we fare? Who will feed us and how?

We three Goldin brothers, Darren, Ryan and Jarrod, have always been close to nature from our earliest memories of water skiing along the beautiful river in our homeland of South Africa. Our initial connection and eventual love of the environment stemmed from the example of our father, Alan, whose respect for the Earth was exemplary.

He and our mother, Loraine, integrated their passion for the Earth into mealtimes which became not only physically nutritious but also spiritually profound times of appreciation for the food we shared, the resources that brought it to our table, and for each other. We are grateful to them for setting us onto the path of global awareness and ways to impact others through our service to the Earth.

It is through this awareness, and passionate conversation with one another, that brought the genesis of Entomo Farms- producing insect protein as a viable, and altruistic response to the global crises; (food, water, natural resources) that will imminently be upon us.


We began with our first company, “Reptile Feeders”, which has shown us that as reptiles and fish thrive and flourish eating insect protein, so also can humans now and in the future.

In fact 33 percent of the world or over 2 billion people eat insect protein every day, as part of their diet, from Mexico to Asia and many countries in between!

Our products will help feed nutritious and cost effective food to the poor, malnourished, and food insecure. Our products will create ‘Geoentomarians’, consumers who chose insect protein in order to show respect to and to enhance the preservation of the environment. Our products will spark the imagination of culinary foodies with limitless opportunities to expand their dining pleasures.

Entomo: an intergenerational response to the environment and the obligation to care for creation. We have taken the next step, and hope you come along for the ride.

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