Jump into Spring Welcomes All Restaurants

Jump into Spring Welcomes All Restaurants

Join 50 restaurants in the GTA this spring celebrating Earth Week and Local Food Sustainability with our “Jump Into Spring” event!

Discover and Explore with Insect Ingredients

Entomo Farms, supported by the Ontario Greenbelt Fund, is working with restaurants to include one menu item during April 17 to 22 that includes crickets or cricket powder, a local and sustainable food source.  You saw them at the CNE last summer, and now you can create your own unique, “Instagrammable” dishes that are trendy and environmentally conscious.

Trend-Setting and Cutting-Edge

Entomo Farms will provide free product samples for you to experiment with, along with information and materials to share with staff and customers about the benefits of crickets.  Your restaurant will be listed on our Jump into Spring website and be mentioned in our media outreach about the event.  Try using crickets in anything from drinks to desserts, and if you have questions, our own Entomo Farms chefs are here to help.

Why Crickets?

Crickets are loaded with nutrients- protein, fibre, B12, zinc, niacin, iron, all 9 essential amino acids and so much more… AND they are also sustainable for the environment, using far less water, land and feed than all other protein sources

Contact Us!

Email info@entomofarms.com to receive your free cricket samples and an information package with everything you need to get started.

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