Breaking the Bug Barrier

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Taking the Leap into Entomophagy

For some, the thought of trying edible insects is hard to swallow.

We have been so brainwashed by our society and media regarding our likes and dislikes, that our taste buds have even be affected. The reality is, that insects like cricket and mealworms prepared fried or whole roasted, are actually so delicious, and are not unfamiliar to our palates the way we expect them to be.

This was true for our Guest Blogger, Breanne. She felt so strongly about her positive entomophagy story that she shared it with us, and we were so taken with her story that we want to share it with you.

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I am Breanne

I’m a 25 year old girl from the UK. After being overweight most of my life, I decided losing weight and getting fitter and healthier was my only option. From this I discovered the world of nutrition- something that I became very interested in. My partner and I set up so we could explore further and help other people with the same interests find more information. Recently, since exploring and delving more into it I’ve discovered how unsustainable and unethical the meat and dairy industry can be so I really wanted to explore alternative food sources. Which, is when I started looking into insects. Initially repulsed the more I learnt, the more my view changed and I became intrigued. Though, the thought of eating one still creeped me out. I took the plunge and decided to take on a food challenge with my partner (you probably saw in the video us eating our insect burger meal). It really wasn’t like I expected, and I was very surprised by how tasty it could actually be. I wholeheartedly feel like this avenue should be continually explored and developed for a healthier, ethical planet.

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Eating Insect Cuisine for the First Time


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