A Wine and Insect Affair

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A Wine and Insect Affair

To help celebrate Earth Week, the Jackson Institute hosted an event quite unlike the lectures and conferences that are usually housed in Horchow Hall. Aptly titled, “A Wine and Insect Affair” was an exploration of the world of edible insects.

Attendees were given the opportunity to try various wine and bug pairings in a sit-down tasting style, starting with more “beginner” insect-driven snacks, like protein bars and chocolate pieces, then venturing into more advanced treats, like honey-mustard crickets and candied mealworms, brought to Jackson by Aly Moore of Bugible.

The event was created by Manus McCaffrey, a Jackson M.A. student who has worked in food security with USAID, most recently on the Food for Peace project. “When I met Aly and heard about the potential that bug consumption has in the field of sustainable sustenance, I thought it was a great opportunity to get people talking about this topic in a different way,” says McCaffrey.

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