Madagascar Passion Project: Part 5

I have recently returned from my 5th trip to Madagascar for the IPSIO and Valala Farms project. The wonderful staff at the Biodiversity Centre make if feel as comfortable as a second home. Although the travel and the workload are intense, seeing this project come to fruition energizes and inspires us all in amazing ways. […]

Can Insects Compete With Beef, Poultry as Nutritional Powerhouses?

JAMA journal

“Joel B. Mason, MD, isn’t ready to pop a whole cricket in his mouth just yet. But he’s okay with eating granola, pasta, or energy bars made with powdered crickets. “[Y]ou can fold it into a number of recipes and use it similarly to the way you use flour,” he said. Besides facilitating cooking and […]

Take Action and Hop Into a Healthy 2019 with Edible Insects

new years 2019

By now you’ve read about it, you’ve heard about it, you might even have seen or tasted it. Edible insects like crickets are not just a trend, they are here to stay thanks to the incredible health benefits and the great sustainability of this micro livestock. It’s that time of year again, when we take […]

Happy World Edible Insect Day 2018

Edible insects are making their way on to more and more people’s plates every day. If you are someone who has decided to incorporate insects into your diet this year, then kudos to you! If you are still undecided, wary or apprehensive, then read on. This information will definitely help you make the right choice! […]

Cooking With Crickets at Liaison College

Entomo Farms Cooking With Crickets at Liaison College

Cooking With Crickets at Liaison College It was a day like no other at Liaison College of Culinary Arts in Downtown Toronto. Caryn Goldin, A.K.A. The Entomo Chef, ventured across Ontario from a town just outside of Peterborough to bring a special ingredient to the Liaison kitchen. The special ingredient is crickets. That’s right, crickets… […]

New Superfood Trends for 2018 Revealed

daily mail online calls crickets new superfood trend for 2018

New Superfood Trends for 2018 Revealed From eating clay, enjoying protein-packed CRICKETS and adding hemp to everything: The odd superfood trends for 2018 revealed Insect-based protein powder is expected to be a huge trend for the coming year Crickets are being hailed as a complete food source, with 69 per cent protein Edible clays thought […]