Planning the Perfect Halloween Party

Throwing a Halloween Party?

Whether you are throwing a Halloween party, or attending one, we have some great insect-themed foods and decor to lively up your place! Make sure to order your crickets and cricket powder (cricket flour) early so that you will have it in time for your party! Use coupon code ‘halloween’ to get 25% off your special Halloween order! Order now!

Super Spooky Recipes

These are some awesome party snacks that your party guests will love and you will too! Thanks to the crickets and cricket powder, they also have some nutrients, like protein, iron, calcium, B12, Omegas, and a bunch of other great stuff that will make you happy!

This delicious recipe for Halloween Cricket Cupcakes are so easy to bake, because you are using a store-bought cake mix, and simply adding some cricket powder into it!

Check out this recipe for Chocolate Cricket Lollies. They look absolutely amazing, virtually professional, and they are so easy to make that even your kids can make them!

They use oven-roasted crickets which help to boost the nutritional value, and also add an awesome crunch to the lollies, almost like crisped rice!

This recipe for Chocolate Cricket Bark is also super simple, and an absolute crowd pleaser. The oven-roasted crickets give the bark the perfect amount of crunch, and a boost of nutrients to boot!

Chocolate Cricket Bark

Chocolate Cricket Bark


Looking for some fun at the office?

It’s always awesome to have a Halloween costume party at the office, and to go along with that, you should suggest a chili cook off! Elect a couple of judges, select someone to bring a few loaves of crusty bread, and have your chili cook off!

Black Bean Cricket Chili

Check out this recipe for Black Bean Cricket Chili. It is so easy to make and is so chock-full of protein and other nutrients, it will really keep you going all day long!

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Black Bean Cricket Chili





Halloween Party Decor

You will definitely want to have some insect-themed decor to go along with your sweet insect-themes treats. Here are a few great pumpkin carving patterns found at  that you can easily follow!

Insect-themed Pumpkin Carving Patterns

These easy-to-follow insect-themed pumpkin carvings will look great on your table next to the Chocolate Cricket Bark, the Chocolate Cricket Lollies and the Halloween cupcakes made with cricket powder (cricket flour).

Bee Pumpkin Carving




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