Marda Loop Justice Film Festival: ‘BUGS’

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‘Bugs’ Movie at the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival

Thank you to the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival for letting us share their great photos!

November 15-20th marked the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival. The Marda Loop Justice Film Festival has been sharing human rights, environmental, and socially significant documentary films in Calgary since 2006. One of the movies screened at the festival was ‘Bugs’, and featured a question and answer period after the movie with Jarrod Goldin of Entomo Farms, and Robert Longair, entomologist.

After the question and answer period, the movie attendees were invited to an insect sampling. There were delicious recipes made with cricket powder (cricket flour) as well as samples of whole roasted insects.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only are insects healthy to eat and sustainable for the planet, they are also truly delicious!

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