Facilitating Connections Along the Value Chain

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Facilitating Connections Along the Value Chain

The snow was pouring down, but that didn’t stop the many event goers from attending the Facilitating Connections Along the Value Chain, organized by the Ontario Greenbelt Fund in collaboration with the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance and the Rhizome Institute for the Future of Food. Interested individuals from farmers, producers and distributors to chefs and buyers learned about emerging niche local food products, how to optimize nutrition in foods and many other critical elements to our food systems.

Dr. Jarrod Goldin, co-founder and CEO for Entomo Farms spoke to the group about the benefits of embracing entomophagy, both from the human health perspective, and from the sustainability perspective. “It was amazing to see all the excitement for sustainable, homegrown Ontario food and produce,” he said of his experience at the event.

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