BUGS Documentary at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema was All A-Buzz

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BUGS Documentary at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema was all A-Buzz

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Especially one that is compelling, thought-provoking and teaches you a thing or two. The documentary, BUGS, not only did this wonderfully, they also provided a 360 degree experience for their patrons for the premiere weekend. There was food, and not just any food, but delicious food woven with cricket powder, and flavoured whole-roasted crickets and mealworms to sample. After the screenings on both Friday and Saturday evening, there was an interactive question and answer panel, featuring team members of Entomo Farms, Jarrod Goldin and Kelly Hagen, Chef Mark Jachecki who created the famous Bug Dog from the CNE last season, Franco Naccarato of the Ontario Greenbelt Fund, the documentary promoters, and others.

Thank you so much to Joe, @joe5kstudioca for providing us with these great photos!

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Shmoozing Before and After the Event

There was lots of excitement before and after the screening. The Cricket Banana Bread, and Cricket-Infused Salsa were a huge hit.

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    Question and Answer Period with the Panel

    The audience members asked many compelling questions to the panel of experts; Chef Mark Jachecki, Dr. Jarrod Goldin, and others.

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