Eating Bugs At Washington College

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The New Face of Farm to Table

Jarrod Goldin, co-founder of Entomo Farms was honoured to attend the event “The New Face of Farm to Table: Insects on the Menu,” sponsored by the Center for Environment and Society (CES) from February 15-17. The goal of this event was to increase awareness about the viability of insects as a sustainable food source and an alternative form of protein.
Two documentaries were shown: “Bugs: A Gastronomic Adventure with Nordic Food Lab,” which highlighted the prevalence of insects as food sources worldwide; and “Bugs on the Menu,” which focused on the North American perspective.

The event was conceived and largely driven by Anthropology Department Chair Dr. Bill Schindler, who had previous success with a similar event two years ago.

A special thanks to Jamie Frees Miller for being the real hero in making sure the event was the success that it was.

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