Dream and Design: Madagascar, A Project of Passion: Day 8

The Final Days

We left Tana and we’re surprised to land in Maroantsetra. We had no idea we had a detour.
Maroantsetra airport security.
We then flew on to Tamatave
Stopped for lunch at this market restaurant. I wasn’t brave enough to have the fish heads. We had fried fish and rice.
The restaurant. Choice of beef, chicken, fish and sausages.
This is what we came to see. (An insect called) Sukundry. A favourite across many areas of western Madagascar. They produce a fuzz for protection from predators.
The hosts where we harvested the sukundry cooking them up for us.
Our crew documented the whole thing. We had the sukundry, so yummy!

Days 6 and 7

I can’t believe we are more than halfway through this visit. It’s been so eye-opening, educational and collaborative.

Madagascar entomo Farms passion project entomophagy

Day 5

Another day of learning, sharing and inspiration.

Day 4

Today we had the chance to explore some new species and share some edible cricket snacks with our new friends.

Day 3

More work today with the colony and exploring the species. Truly incredible to be with such fascinating people and insects.

Darren in Madagascar entomophagy passion project

Day 2

Today we had the amazing opportunity to asses the rearing protocols in the production facility. Truly great work growing the colony.

Madagascar Passion project entomophagy

Day 1

I am back in Madagascar, and so happy to be here. Since my last visit here about 3 months ago, there have been so many insect samples collected. We are now beginning to catalogue all of the edible insects in Madagascar. This has never been done before, and it is fascinating to see the diversity of insects that are eaten here. Amazingly, and unfortunately, crickets are not traditionally eaten here which is crazy because of how they are eaten all over Africa and Asia.        Read more about the project.

edible insects indigenous to madagascar

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