Super Cricket Smoothie

Cricket Smoothie Recipe

Thanks so much to our customer Jason for this super cricket smoothie recipe that will have you hopping all day long! You can follow Jason on Facebook at @jasonspilberg and on his website   Cricket Smoothie Ingredients 2 leaves of kale 2 cups mixed greens 3 inches of fresh turmeric (root) 2 inches of fresh […]

The Best Summer Travel Snacks

Travel snacks for the summer

Thank you to Leslie McDonald (@balanced_life_leslie) for this fun and informative post! As we start to plan our summer journeys, we have so much to think about… Leslie has taken care of one thing for all of us: which travel snacks to pack! Onward to the Beach Does anyone else pack their travel snacks before […]

Ideacity at the Ontario Science Centre


The Future of Food and Ideacity Ideacity, also known as Moses Znaimer’s Conference, is taking place this week at the Ontario Science Centre from June 15-17th. Join a host from the Ontario Science Centre as she talks about The Future of Food! Entomo Farms supports the Ontario Science Centre @ideacity by providing them with […]

Deficient in B12: Are You the 40%?

There are many signs of being deficient in B12.

How many people do you think are deficient in B12 in North America? Higher. Higher. You’re almost there… 40%! Studies show that a whopping 40% of us are walking around with a serious B12 deficiency. Why is B12 Important? But why do we care? Why do we even need B12? B12 plays many important roles […]