Back to School Super Snacks

cricket powder in back to school lunches
cricket powder in back to school lunches
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Back to School Super Snacks

Choosing the perfect outfit. Cleaning out the old back pack. Getting all the pencils sharpened and put neatly in the pencil case. Fresh new haircuts to match the fresh new kicks because the kids have grown out of the old ones.

These are just a few of the many things on the list to get ready for school.

But those are the easy things. The hardest item on the list, according to many parents, is packing the lunch bag.

Oh, the stress!

Don’t fret, we have some great ideas for you! Welcome to our special Back to School Super Snacks series. All of our recipes have been formulated by our very own Entomo Chef, Caryn. Follow @theentomochef on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Back to School Super Snacks

The stress is sometimes too much to bear. What are you going to put in your kid’s lunch bag that will have him/her happy, satisfied, and fueled for the entire day. I know my kids at certain periods of their lives would have LOVED me if I had just simply given them an entire lunch bag of candy. I remember them coming home and talking animatedly, practically salivating, as they recalled the contents of a schoolmate’s lunch… soda, pre-made ‘nachos and cheese’, bags of candy, chips and lollypops. They would always end their tale with the same question, ‘why can’t you put that in our lunch?’ My answer would always be something like, ‘um, because I love you.’

This special feature series, Back to School Super Snacks, is here to not only help you put delicious and healthy snacks in your child’s lunch bag, it will also help to make you a superstar in your child’s eyes!

All of the following recipes have been tried with real kids, and were not published until they were absolutely perfected. All the recipes are made with cricket powder (cricket flour) to help give your kids the boost of energy that they need to keep them going throughout the day. Packed full of protein, B12, iron, calcium, all 9 essential amino acids, and fibre are just some of the nutritional benefits that cricket powder boasts. It is also the planet’s most sustainable protein. So not only are you doing something great for your kids, you are also doing something great for the planet.

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Nut Free Protein Bites

The first recipe in our series is for Nut Free Protein Bites made with cricket powder (cricket flour). They take no time to make, they require no baking, and they are so delicious and packed full of goodies that you are definitely going to want to make some extras just for yourself. You might want to hide them in the fridge where no one else will find them! Check out the full recipe.

Want to see how it’s done? Watch below!

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Healthy Blueberry Cricket Muffins

The next recipe in our Back to School Super Snack series if for Healthy Blueberry Cricket Muffins. There are so many delicious and healthy ingredients in these muffins that you and your family will want them for breakfast and for snacks! You can view the recipe here

Watch How To Do It!



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Ricotta Cricket Pancakes

The next recipe in our Back to School Super Snack series is for these delicious Ricotta Cricket Pancakes. They are so fluffy and delicious that you and your family will want them for breakfast, snack and lunch! So easy to pack into any lunch bag, just make sure to pack a little container of syrup for delicious dipping! Check out the recipe here.

And watch it!


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Berry Cricket Ice Pops

If you and your family need a quick pick-me-up after a long day, these Berry Cricket Ice Pops are just the thing that you need to keep you going for the rest of the day. They are so smooth and delicious, and the cricket powder gives you the kick that you need to keep from melting down. Check out the recipe.

Watch It!

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Mango Cricket Smoothie

This smoothie is so delicious and nutritious that you will want it to start off every day right! It’s also perfect as a post-school or post-workout high energy, high protein snack! Check out the full recipe here.

Watch it!


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