So, you’re on a first date. You’re at some nice restaurant with tons of atmosphere, and you’re trying to get to know the person sitting in front of you; trying to look like you’re not really trying.

You ask each other questions about your past relationships, hobbies, habits (good and bad), and then you ask, “So, are you a Geoentomarian?”

At this point in time, no one would be able to answer that question because no one knows what that means, except for the few of us who work at Next Millennium Farms.

A Geoentomarian is simply someone who eats insects to help better the health of our planet. Broken down, it’s “geo”, for the Earth, “entomo” for insects, and “arian” someone who engages in something.

The day will come, and we’re hoping sooner than later, when this question will be mainstream- just one question on a list of many to help you get to know someone better, or for someone to use as they describe themselves, as in,  “I run, do yoga, and I’m a Geoentomarian.” But at this point in time, we are just launching the term,Geoentomarian into the stratosphere, hoping that it will gain as much momentum as Vegan, Vegetarian, Humanitarian, or Environmentalist.

Thank you to Nutritional Anthropologist, Nicole Kilburn, and those at I Am Eco Warrior .

Read, the article, share with friends, post to your fave social media outlet, and let us know, Are you a Geoentomarian?

I am.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing: Geoentomarian

  1. Janne Luyckx says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I am! Two years ago I became a vegetarian (after being flexitarian for many years) and just four months ago I ‘upgraded’ myself again and now I eat (most of the time) only vegan. But all this time I never stopped eating insects. For me it was clear: I am a environmental vegetarian/vegan in the first place so insects perfectly fit into the picture. Everything I eat should meet the three criteria: good for the planet, no animal suffering (although there will always be animal ‘suffering’/ dying just with every step you take tiny living creatures will be crushed beneath your foot) and healthy for your body. Insects meet this criteria! So why is there a problem with eating insects as a vegan?!
    Recently I made an essay for school about this issue. Most of the time vegetarians/vegans responded with: “Okay all very cool, but insects are animals and vegetarians/vegans don’t eat animals so as a vegetarian/vegan you shouldn’t eat them.” Too bad so many people continue to convulsively cling to ‘the rules’ without trying to think out of the box.
    No problem I thought, if insect eaters can’t call themselves vegan anymore, there got to be invented a new name for them. And so I came up with the term ‘vegentomo’. ‘Veg’ for the vegetables because apart from the insects you eat plant based only, and the ‘entomo’ for the insects of course. But you beat me to it! 🙂 Geoentomarian is maybe substantively more correct and you got the ‘-arian’ in it what makes it more fitting into the list. But if I may be looks and sounds weird and it is just too long and difficult to pronounce. The ‘geo’ is in my opinion not really necessary, because one could be an vegan insect eater too for the sake of the animals and/or for their health.
    Anyway, I’m so happy to read this article. To know there are people out there with the same ideas!
    Thanks for reading my comment (also sorry for the bad English, I’m Belgian) and if you like to respond…I would be pleased to hear your reaction!
    Greatings, Janne

  2. Stacie Goldin says:

    Hi Janne,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us! I like your term, ‘vegentomo’! If you want to share your paper with us, I would be more than happy to post it on our site, and give you credit as a guest blogger. Thank you again!

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