Next Millennium Farms‘ own Ento-Chef, Caryn, mixed up a batch of Chocolate Chirp Cookies- that’s right Chocolate CHIRP Cookies and Brownies- What makes them ‘chirp’ you ask? Well, a little bit of cricket flour, of course!

Due to the delicious aroma that floated from the kitchen, she had to bat off her family from the cookies as they came out of the oven so she could save them for the competition. She got her favorite friends together for an evening of food and fun. When dessert rolled around, she told her guests that she had a batch of soft, delicious, chocolatey cookies that had been enhanced with cricket flour, and asked them to please do a her a favor- taste the cookies, and give her some feedback- “yuck” or “yum”. And, of course, the most important thing she asked them to do was, ‘to be honest’!

So, the dinner guests ate the cookies:

Cricket Flour

And the ballots say it all:

Cricket Flour

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