It’s about that time of day. Yes, that time where I trawl the internet looking for interesting articles on entomophagy (eating insects). I came upon this great article-“Insect flour or otherwise cooking with bugs (and avoiding the ick factor)”

The article is short. The comments are interesting. The one that stands out the most to me is someone saying that you can’t avoid the ick factor when talking about eating bugs.

Well, I totally disagree.

Look at that gorgeous picture in this post. That salad looks like something that would be served to you at a fancy shmancy restaurant. You would “Ooh” and “Ah” if that salad was placed in front of you. And I guarantee you, you would be “mmm-ing” with every bite.

The joy of this particular salad, is that our super Ento-Chef, Caryn, made this gorgeous salad with an amazing dressing that is enhanced with insect flour. This salad has just been upped on the nutritious scale simply by adding a bit of insect protein to the dressing. The flavour is perfect, and the salad is crunchy and refreshing.

And the ick factor? What ick factor? There is none.

Try it for yourself.

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