Mexican Mole Wax Worm Snacks and Salad Toppers

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This is a great technique for crisping up some frozen insects and then adding some zing and either consuming hot from the pan or tossing on top of your favorite salad. I personally love these atop the Black Bean Salad recipe that can also be found on the Next Millennium Farms Culinary section. Are you […]

Canadian Tire uses crickets to help you get a jump on your garden

TORONTO, June 8, 2022 – One of Canada’s leading lawn care and garden brands, Golfgreen, has launched an innovative, sustainable and unique fertilizer solution. Golfgreen Organic™ Cricket Manure Plant Fertilizer is Canadian-produced and a certified organic way for Canadians to feed their lawn and gardens. Made from the by-product of cricket farming, Canadian Tire partnered […]

Should Crickets Be on the Menu Now, or Just in the End Times?

“The first time I seriously considered crickets as the food of the future was in late 2015 during a presentation by undergraduates. Their policy proposal outlining how the adoption of insect protein in the Los Angeles Area could help insulate the region from some of the impacts of climate-change included a tasting of a recent-to-market, […]

Asian insect-based pet foods boosted by US, Europe trends

“Insect-based pet foods may have followed a convoluted route to growth in Southeast Asia. European and United States marketers promote insects as safe food sources by citing traditional cultures’ use of insects in their cuisines. Anecdotes about grilled grubs bought in Bangkok may help market insect-based ingredients to Western audiences.”

Insect Futures—From Farm, to Table, to Pharmacy

“Best of all, insects could be the ultimate omnivorous food because of their unique makeup. Insects fall into an interesting nutritional niche somewhere in between animals and plants because they contain both dietary fiber and vitamin B12. “All the vegetable proteins have no B12, and the animal proteins have no fiber,” says Jarrod Goldin of […]

The Joy of Cooking (Insects)

‘Melting ice sheets, rampant wildfires, devastating floods. Climate change is a global emergency. The food system? It causes as much as a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, and unless we make major adjustments to the food we eat and how we produce it, we’re cooked. ‘One of those dietary changes we need to consider […]

Get in the Know: PROTEIN

What is protein and why do our bodies need it? Food trends are not a new thing. Paleo, Keto, Lean, plant-based etc. are all terms that we’ve heard of, yet how many of us really understand the role that protein plays in our lives? How much do we really need and where should we be […]

Edible Insects Most Likely Coming to European Supermarkets Soon

‘ In a landmark decision, the E.U.’s European Food Safety Authority is expected to approve the sale of insects for human consumption. It means that for the first time, there will be a huge raft of edible insects on sale across European countries and new opportunities in the food industry. ‘

Could Crickets Offer the Next Breakthrough in Diabetes and Hypertension Treatments?

“A small fragment of the cricket protein, called a peptide, is known to have potential health benefits in humans. Peptides from many different sources, milk, fish and even soy, are used in pharmaceuticals today. Currently, however, there are no insect peptides used in mainstream foods for the health industry or nutraceuticals,” Liceaga said. But that […]

Cricket Protein For Canines

“Believe it or not, there are several reasons why crickets are a smart alternative to traditional proteins like beef and chicken. In fact, this isn’t news in many areas of the world. Entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, is commonplace in countries like Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America. In recent years, bugs […]