The Joy of Cooking (Insects)

‘Melting ice sheets, rampant wildfires, devastating floods. Climate change is a global emergency. The food system? It causes as much as a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, and unless we make major adjustments to the food we eat and how we produce it, we’re cooked.

‘One of those dietary changes we need to consider might even make you a little squeamish. “And we’re going to finish it off with some whole grasshoppers.” Yeah, we’re talking about insects, specifically eating them.

‘We know what you’re feeling: Repulsion, right? For most Americans, insects are signifiers of filth that need to be exterminated, not consumed. Our supermarkets, rather than promoting insect-eating, devote a significant amount of shelf space to products that eradicate them.

‘Fortunately, tastes can change. Foods that were once deemed disgusting are now ordinary fare, even a luxury.’

Watch this video by The New York Times (where Entomo Farms makes an appearance!) on why eating insects is going mainstream.

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