Canadian Tire uses crickets to help you get a jump on your garden

TORONTO, June 8, 2022 – One of Canada’s leading lawn care and garden brands, Golfgreen, has launched an innovative, sustainable and unique fertilizer solution. Golfgreen Organic™ Cricket Manure Plant Fertilizer is Canadian-produced and a certified organic way for Canadians to feed their lawn and gardens. Made from the by-product of cricket farming, Canadian Tire partnered with Entomo Farms, a Canadian company, to bring a more sustainable and powerful garden product to market. 

“Golfgreen is always looking to bring innovative lawn and garden products to our customers,” says Anthony Wolf, VP of Product Development and Innovation at Canadian Tire. “It’s only recently that cricket farming has grown large enough to make cricket manure available as a fertilizer. And this organic product has power; our independent third-party lab testing showed that this plant food produces a 30 percent greater yield than untreated control beds. Partnering with a Canadian company to use their by-products to offer our customers a new and sustainable organic product; is one of many ways we are working to Make Life in Canada Better.” 

 A completely organic product, Golfgreen Organic™ Cricket Manure Plant Fertilizer is safe for people, pets and the environment around ponds and waterways. Unlike chemical-based fertilizers found on the market, this product is a non-toxic slow-release lawn and garden food that will not burn your plants or expose them to damage from overfeeding. 

“Nature has given us this amazing resource. We’re thrilled the Canadian Tire team quickly recognized cricket manure’s potent properties,” said Jarrod Goldin, Founder of Entomo Farms. “We’re excited to bring not just a new protein, but now a new sustainable fertilizer solution to consumers.” 

Golfgreen Organic™ Cricket Manure Plant Fertilizer is available in-store and online nationwide. Visit for more details. 

 About Canadian Tire Corporation 

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About Entomo Farms:

Entomo Farms is North America’s largest human-grade edible insect farm. Founded in 2014, brothers Jarrod, Darren, and Ryan Goldin saw a new way to provide healthy food for a healthy planet. The company now supplies consumers and companies around the world, supporting food manufacturers that incorporate cricket ingredients into a wide variety of offerings such as protein bars, smoothies, chips, crackers, baking mixes, and pet treats. In addition, Entomo Farms produces its own line of innovative cheese puff snacks with its ActuallyFoods brand.

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Media: Carolyn Skinner, Manager, Corporate Communications, Canadian Tire Corporation,, 647-326-3203 

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