Have you ever been in a studio’s Green Room? If you haven’t, the Green Room is where you wait before you go on the air, and if you are a guest on a show, there will typically be some kind of refreshments for you.

Lang and O'Leary Exchange


Well, today on The Lang and O’Leary Exchange on the CBC, Next Millennium Farms’ own Co-Founder, Darren Goldin, brought the refreshments to them instead of the other way around. What snacks were those, you might ask? Well, chocolate covered mealworms, of course!

The 5-minute interview with Dianne Buckner was wonderfully executed. The responses flowed from one into the other seamlessly, allowing Darren to showcase the exciting growth that has been taking place at Next Millennium Farms at a rapid pace; they have already outgrown their newly acquired 9000 square foot facility!

The mission and vision statements of Next Millennium Farms were organically brought to the forefront through the interview; producing great tasting and highly nutritional insects for human consumption, which are beneficial for people, but also for the globe, as the carbon footprint produced by raising and producing insect protein is much lower compared with other protein sources like beef or chicken.

Before you know it, eating insects WILL BE mainstream in our society. It will be common to see someone snacking on crispy crickets on the subway, or pulling out a pack of sea salt and pepper mealworms from their lunch bags. Just yesterday, City News aired a spot shot in Norwood, Ontario at Next Millennium Farms’ headquarters, where news reporter, Audra Brown was given some wax worms from one of Goldin’s daughters, and she remarked, quite surprised I’d like to add, “These are GOOD!”

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