Cricket flour for proteins: are edible insects really the future of healthy eating?

The Health Site online health and wellness magazine

“Recently, eating insects has become more than just a trend these days. Even though most people feel grossed out even when thinking about eating insects, there is no denying that this trend is slowly taking over the world. Out of all the other foods prepared with insects what has really become popular is ‘cricket flour’. It […]

Make Pizza Healthy With Cricket Powder

pizza as a healthy option especially with cricket powder

Well 2018 couldn’t have started out any better. According to the New York Post, pizza is being touted as a new breakfast option that can also be a healthy breakfast option. We take this as really good news, and are sure that many feel the same way, both young and old alike. “It turns out […]

New Superfood Trends for 2018 Revealed

daily mail online calls crickets new superfood trend for 2018

New Superfood Trends for 2018 Revealed From eating clay, enjoying protein-packed CRICKETS and adding hemp to everything: The odd superfood trends for 2018 revealed Insect-based protein powder is expected to be a huge trend for the coming year Crickets are being hailed as a complete food source, with 69 per cent protein Edible clays thought […]