Entomo Farms Wins the Start Up Canada National Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development

Entomo Farms National Winners

Entomo Farms National Winners

Entomo Farms was honoured and delighted to join other Start Up Canada national winners at Canada’s tallest structure, the CN Tower, to celebrate the national winners at the Startup Canada Awards Grande Finale.

Jarrod, Darren and Ryan Goldin, the co-founders of Entomo Farms were presented with the national award for Excellence in Sustainable Development. Watch the presentation here.

The winners were chosen as “nation-builders inspiring the next generation of game changers, disruptors, and innovative leaders. They demonstrate that taking risks, disrupting industries, and supporting one another are pathways to a successful future for all Canadians”.

Founded back in 2013, Entomo Farms (formerly Next Millennium Farms) strives to provide people with a health-focused alternative protein and fiber source that will also have a positive impact on the planet, as a sustainable protein source. As the global population skyrockets to 9 billion people by 2050, we are encouraged to find alternative means of healthy proteins that will alleviate the pressures that have been put on our resources by the production of other sources of protein like beef, soy and poultry. Entomophagy is a viable solution that is not only delicious, but nutritious as well and good for our planet.

Insect protein is the Future of Food.

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