Last week I was taking a little break at work, chatting to one of my friends at her desk, when suddenly, another one of my friends came running out of his cubicle when he heard my voice, phone in hand, saying something like, “They’re eating crickets, they’re eating crickets!” (My co-workers at my 9-5 job are all VERY intrigued by my new-found interest in eating insects) I looked at him and asked, “Who’s eating crickets?” He responded with, “The ASAP Science guys! They’re eating crickets, and posted a pic on Instagram!”

We had just heard of ASAP Science through one of our instructors during a course we were all taking together at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design), and many of us started following them through different social media channels.

So, of course I take the phone from his outstretched hand and look at the picture, and sure enough, not only are they eating insects, they are eating insects from THE BUG BISTRO! I totally freaked out, shrieked, and said, “OH MY GOD, they’re eating our bugs! They’re eating crickets from Next Millennium Farms!”

Well, that was just the beginning.

A few days later, there were two videos posted by ASAP Science, AKA Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown.

There are two videos: “Should We All Be Eating Insects” discusses the nutritious value and environmental component related to eating insects, and “How to Eat Bugs” offers the new insect eater some great ideas for including insects in their daily diet.




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