Research and Policy Priorities for Edible Insects

” Global communities increasingly struggle to provide ample healthful food for growing populations in the face of social and environmental pressures. Insect agriculture is one underexplored and innovative approach… The edible insects industry is in its nascent stages, as relatively few entities have committed resources towards optimizing farming methods. Nevertheless, insect farming is poised to […]

Entomo Farms Wins the Premier’s Award for Innovation in Agriculture

Entomo Farms wins the Premier's Award for Innovation in Agriculture

July 4, 2019 was a remarkable day for Entomo Farms. Ernie Hardeman, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, along with Northumberland-Peterborough South MPP, Dave Piccini, presented Darren and Ryan Goldin with the highly-esteemed Premier’s Award for Innovation in Agriculture. Read the Article

My Path To Entomoculture

entomo farms barn and farm in norwood ontario

My Path To Entomoculture- Darren’s Perspective I’m Darren Goldin, one of the co-founders of Entomo Farms, and the V.P. of Operations. I’m often asked how I got involved in entomoculture (the farming of insects) and how I’ve come to learn about how to raise and harvest crickets and mealworms for the largest human-grade insect farm […]