It also tastes and feels a lot like a potato chip.

How DO crickets taste? When you bake or cook with cricket powder (cricket flour), which is actually just roasted crickets all ground up, whatever you add the cricket powder (cricket flour) to will have an added subtle nutty/earthy flavor. However, if you only add a small amount, you won’t even taste it at all.

So, whether you add a lot, or a little of the cricket powder (cricket flour), one thing is for sure- you are adding wonderful nutrients!

It can be quite an anticlimax that way. They’re not so different from other roasted, nutty snacks you’ve had before. It has a pretty nice-sized crunch to it for something so little and a nutty, earthy flavor…in fact, if someone told you it was a nut, you wouldn’t even think twice.


I’m always looking for the best new thing in protein and protein supplements- I add cricket powder (cricket flour) to my smoothie every morning, it adds a bit of a nutty flavor to my shake, and gives me the blast of power that I need for my morning workout.

Mohamad- body builder - L.A. 28 year old

As an endurance athlete, I suffered for years with anemia, but also now not only have my iron levels returned to a healthy range, my skin is glowing, my hair is shiny and healthy, and my nails are growing.

Arielle the National 100k championship winner

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I’m an adventurous eater- nothing really scares me. I had my first tacos with crickets when I was in Mexico a few years back, and I was so excited to see that my local Mexican restaurant started adding crickets to the menu. I love how the crickets give the taco an extra punch because they’re seasoned with some awesome spices, an extra crunch, and extra protein.

Jason- Foodie 30 years old- San Francisco

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