Keto Porridge

keto porridge made with cricket powder
keto porridge made with cricket powder

keto porridge made with cricket powder

Keto Porridge

Thank you so much to our customer Owen, for sharing this recipe for Keto Porridge with us!

Note from Owen:

The only simple sugars are in the Half & Half (4 grams).

This porridge is very nutritious and very high fiber.  It may take some time to adjust to the fiber content of this porridge.


2 TBSP  Oat Groats freshly flaked

2 TBSP  Buckwheat Groats freshly flaked

2  tsp      Cricket Powder

2 tsp       Chia seeds

1 tsp       Erythritol granules or other alternative sweetener

1/4 tsp   Salt

3/4 cup  Water

1/2 cup   Half & Half or low carb alternative


Mix dry ingredients,  add water, then microwave on high 1 1/2 minutes.

Add Erythritol and salt, stir.

Add Half & Half.

Editor’s Note: I don’t personally own a microwave, so if you are like me, you can definitely make this on a stove top, just stir frequently and you might have to add a bit more water. I also personally do not use sweeteners other than honey or maple syrup (maybe the occasional brown sugar) in my cooking or baking. If you are the same, you can definitely substitute any one of those for the Erythritol granules.

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