Do you own a restaurant and are looking for a delicious and environmentally friendly way to celebrate Earth Week 2017? Jump Into Spring is the perfect event for you!

We are working with restaurants to include one menu item during April 17 to 22 that includes crickets or cricket powder, a local and sustainable food source. You saw them at the CNE last summer, and now you can create your own unique, “Instagrammable” dishes that are trendy and environmentally conscious.

About The Program


Every company looks for ways to bring their employees closer together through team-building exercises. Maybe you’ve tried taking the teams out rock-climbing, or a staff-wide ball game, or improv workshop. But now you’re looking for something truly unique that will bring your teams closer. What builds better bonds than eating insects together? From roasted crickets to delicious dishes, this is for you and your team.

We can help you achieve your goal of creating excitement in the office and getting everyone motivated. Our Bug Bistro roasted crickets and mealworms is the perfect solution.

Allow us to carefully and strategically plan team building exercises with you to meet the specific needs of your company. Having your staff ‘face their fears’ together through tasty, trendy and hip food challenges, has proven to work. Just think of Fear Factor and all the amazing hurdles people overcame and the strength of character it builds.

We have a great corporate team building package that comes with 4-6 different “snack” and “gourmet food presentations”.

Allow us to cater your next corporate event! Our wide selection of appetizers, desserts, and entrees using our unique proteins will titillate everyone’s tastebuds!



Named one of the top Food Trends of 2017, edible insects are making their way into menus in a multitude of restaurants. Give your culinary students the chance to experiment with this new ingredient

Edible insects are making their way onto restaurant menus worldwide. Entomo Farms, supported by the Ontario Greenbelt Fund, is helping local culinary programs prepare their students for these sustainable ingredients in 2017. Join us!
About The Program



Want to bring some attention to your business? Of course you do! Are you a start-up or older business that needs a spark, and is looking to reinvent itself? Announcing that you will be having chocolate covered roasted crickets or crispy roasted mealworms on a slice of cheese with crackers is sure to get people’s attention. Want to bring in clients and customers for your business? Any business can receive a lot of local publicity and attention by having a unique culinary display on the sidewalk, patio, or inside your place of business. We provide the snacks, you provide the sales!

Entomophagy in restaurants is taking off all over the world! Be the first bar in your ‘hood to offer Barbecue Crickets and Honey Mustard Crickets as a snack instead of peanuts! Check out all the different appetizer and snack options for your bar—give your patrons yet another reason to come back! Attract food lovers, food rebels and countless other interested parties by advertising unique menu items and tasty delights that are both exclusive and daring. Here are a couple of articles on what some restaurants around the world have been doing:

  1. London: Insect eating creeps on to Paris menus
  2. Paris: Could insects really replace meat?
  3. Toronto: Toronto food event aims to shatter our distaste for crunching on crickets

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