Rey Ray’s is known as one of the best food trucks in the Northumberland Area and beyond! Specializing in Mexican food and burgers, Chef Ray will bring your taste buds back to life.

Stationed in Port Hope, Rey Ray’s is kid friendly, and offers outdoor seating on their beautiful patio. Walk-ins, take-out and catering available!

For Jump into Spring, Rey Ray’s will feature:

Sweet Corn Esquites w/ Entomo Farms Bbq Crickets, Tajin Powder, Green Onion and Feta.

Tostada w/Frijoles, Fried Egg, Avacado, Salsita and Entomo Farms Chili-Lime Crickets

Real Deal Grillo Quesdilla.

Our Home Made Corn Tortillas Spiked w/Entomo Farms Cricket Powder Stuffed w/ Queso, Guacamole and Chili-Lime Crickets(Grillo).

Rey Ray’s