Prince of Wales offers every palette and party the perfect place to unwind. When staying at the Prince of Wales, or visiting Niagara-on-the-lake for a night on the town, you must visit the Churchill Lounge- a more informal atmosphere in a library setting, providing a cozy spot to dine and relax. Enjoy a refreshment and a bite to eat on Churchill Lounge’s outdoor patio located on the most picturesque corner in town.

For Jump into Spring, Food and Beverage Manager, Jeremy Harb,  will be featuring cricket powder in with their Signature Premium Caesar Cocktail.  The cricket powder is being combined with a few exotic secret spices and will be used to rim the Caesar Glass and as well mixed into the drink. They will also be serving Chili Lime Crickets with Wasabi Peas as an accompaniment to the beverage.

Churchill Lounge