Entomo Farms is the leader in the entomophagy industry in North America. We began farming crickets for the reptile industry 14 years ago, and branched into food for humans at the end of 2013.

By 2050 the world’s population will reach over 9 billion. The Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations, encourages people all over the world to start embracing eating insects for their future health and the health of the planet. We just simply cannot continue devastating our planet the way we have been through our current farming and agricultural practices.

Having begun with a 10,000 square foot farm, we are now at 60,000 square feet, and sell cricket powder (regular, organic and organic gluten free) to over 70 companies world wide who use the ingredient in their foods- from protein bars and shake mixes, to muffin mixes, pasta, and pasta sauces.

At present time, Entomo Farms innovates on a constant basis, creating new efficiencies in the farm to help drive costs down both for production and for the end consumer.

The vision for Entomo Farms is threefold:

  1. Entomo Farms will be recognized as a world leader in providing protein alternatives in the form of the finest organic and world-class insect proteins with great tasting products and recipes
  2. We will be perceived as a leading lightthe world authority – in the dissemination of insect farming methods and the marketing of insect protein
  3. We will be respected world-wide for leading the insect protein revolution with our esteemed values of integrity, trustworthiness and accountability in everything we say and do.